Gathering up Snatchins in Mystery Manor
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Solitaire: Treasure of Time

Solitaire: Treasure of Time

Solitaire: Treasure of Time is the mind fitness game you’ve been waiting for! Filled with different puzzle gems like Tri-Peaks Solitaire, Match-3, and other casual mechanics, it will captivate you for hours.

Travel across the vast adventure map and learn the story of the prehistoric lands. Take on the role of a brave archeologist, and master the art of cracking the mind-bending puzzles by honing your problem-solving skills. It’s an adventure for the whole family that never ends!

Card Games
Solitaire: Treasure of Time
Don't let Arnie get lost in time!
Your faithful companion gets in trouble all the time—don't leave him behind!
More than 300 various solitaire games
From the simple to pretty tricky ones. A new twist on a timeless classics!
Fantastic adventures
Travel through time—you have a whole world to discover!
Various modes to blast through
Enjoy the laidback vibe that tests your logic and patience rather than makes you frustrated.
Beautiful Match-3 levels
Excellent graphics and straightforward gameplay to keep you glued to the screen!
Peculiar keepsakes
Collect artifacts and find quest objects to create exquisite collections.
Tools to progress through the game
Take a break from your daily routine and go on thousands of heroic quests.

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